ENGLISH SPEAKINGCUSTOM REQUEST – video starts out with you in the kitchen eating, the camera is watching you from a position about waist level. As youre eating, you look towards the camera and have a few more bites of something (could be anything, strawberries, banana pieces, etc), eventually you walk over to the camera and show off your tummy, and you talk about the slave you swallowed the day before. You describe how you swallowed him just like the strawberries (or whatever you like), and digested him. You describe the process of how you felt him moving through your stomach and intestines. You turn around and show off your butt, and you tell the viewer that you think youre going to have to shit him out very soon. You bend over in front of the camera, and rip one fart while wearing the skirt, and continue to taunt the slave that youre going to eat him soon, you feel another fart coming and you pull up the skirt, revealing your panty clad butt. You fart again in the slaves face. Afterwards, you pick up the camera and tell the slave that youre going to use him as your toilet, and hes going to see whats going to happen to him soon. You walk the slave over to your toilet chair and you place the camera inside, and enclose him into the toilet. You carry the slave in such a way that he sees you walking through the house to the toilet chair, seeing the toilet chair coming into the frame, and as you lower him down into it. You sit down while still wearing the skirt and the slave sees your skirt clad ass from below. You continue with the taunting language and release at least one fart with the skirt, you can use your phone as youre waiting to fart, after the first fart you stand pull up the skirt, revealing the panties and release at least one more fart after sitting down. These dont have to be rapid fire, there can be some sitting downtime where youre on your phone waiting to do your business. More farts the better… Finally, you pull down the panties and do your full shit over the slave while taunting him about his future as he sees you just nonchalantly playing on your phone between your legs. Feel free to improvise language as you see fit, similar to the previous customs. The video ends with you wiping, standing up, fixing your clothes and then looking down at the slave. You tell him that youre going to keep him as a toilet for now, but one day hes going to be coming out of your ass. You show off your ass one more time, pointing to it as you tell him hes going to be coming out of this ass soon, before closing the lid and walking away.


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