Lady Scarlet – A birthday of shit

Today is my toilet slaves birthday. He expressed his wish to have a gift from me. I decided to take care of his cake and then give him the video of the preparation. Im wearing a new, sexy leather dress, and shiny black knee-high boots with high heels. I turn to the camera as if looking into his eyes and tell him that I made him a surprise for his birthday. I take a candle and put it between my buttocks. I dont wear panties. Im sure hes already very excited … I rub it on my little hole and keep it there for a while, so it takes my perfume. But the real surprise comes now. The cake! I sit upside down on a chair and lift my dress. My ass is clearly visible and my little hole in correspondence with the white plate that I put on the floor. Im starting to shit. The creamy brown shit comes out and goes to fill and color that plate. I do it all by looking in the camera often. Finished, I light the candle and try to put it on this shit cake but its too soft and it doesnt fit. I then decide that its place will be in the slaves ass and turn it off.

Lady Scarlet - A birthday of shit

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