Goddess Amirha’s scat torture

After last making him my full toilet I threatened to do it again and he laughed and bet me I wouldn’t since I got sick while pushing it down.. Oh really? Just because I got sick from the smell doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy making you into a toilet enough to handle throwing up, it makes it even better knowing that I’m making you eat something that the smell alone can bring me to be sick, so I took him on his little bet, but it won’t be that easy for him again… My new order of straps and bondage tape came in the mail today and I’ve always loved gagging my slave, sealing his mouth shut so he can do nothing but smell my ass. That or he doesn’t breathe, but it always leaves his mouth unavailable to me, I want him to taste and smell it at the same time… But I have an extremely sinister idea.. I call him into the bedroom after he took me shopping all day, spoiling myself at the food court eating not only Vietnamese but Mexican beans and rice. I show him the new straps and other toys and watch him shudder. Haha, stand still honey. I strap his ankles, knees wrists and elbows, and one extra all the way around his arms and waist for good measure, laying him onto the floor. He can’t move a muscle. Completely immobilized I wrap his head in some pretty pink bondage tape to humiliate him as he hates anything pink, leaving his face exposed. I laugh at his helpless body laying there strapped up his head covered in pink, knowing he has no idea what I’m about to do to him haha. But I’m not ready yet so I leave him there while I watch a couple new episodes. Over 2 hours later I couldn’t hold it anymore. I walk into the bedroom and see him right where I left him, struggling against his bonds haha. I had to pee so bad and I usually don’t make him drink it but he wanted to call me out and he’s going to suffer like a bitch for it. I make him hold a funnel in his mouth, pulling my jeans and panties to my ankles I crouch over his mouth and let my golden piss flow straight into his cheeks. Haha he’s almost throwing up, he’s only had to drink my piss on a couple occasions, and even then it was only a mouthful or two at a time. Oh well. Talk shit again baby. He probably thought I was done using the bathroom once I removed the funnel. Oh, and I have to sht, open your mouth or I’ll leave you here for two days .. I kneel back down putting my asshole directly inside his lips, letting my weight rest on his chin. I barely had to push I had to go so bad, then I feel it stop so I push even harder, pushing it down his throat and filling his cheeks before I lift to let out the rest. Hahaha how’s that baby! You didn’t think I would make you my toilet again huh?! You were wrong. But for now, it’s back to your usual punishment. Of just being gagged and smelling my ass, only this time, your going to be sht gagged…. I cram the rest into his mouth filling every crack even and put whatever would not fit onto a plate so he could finish it later, wiped the filthy glove right over his nose & grabbed the nice large square of duct tape (made in preparation for this, even being why I wrapped his head in the beginning so it would have something to cement itself to, having zero chance of being sweated off) I sealed his mouth shut and pressed it on nice and tight. NOW SMELL IT as I shoved my unwiped tight little ass straight onto his nose. PFFRTT.. A nice airy fart filled his lungs and he moaned and gagged as if he were about to throw up. But I think he’s holding that back with all his might, I mean he has to know that it would have nowhere to go since his mouth is sealed. No puking for you baby boy just taste and smell my little ass:) for some reason I’m EXTRA gassy today and they just seemed to come non stop, along with other surprises finding their way onto his nose, I made sure to save those for later as well. How does it feel to be able to smell AND taste sht .. Of course all he can say is mmmmhmhmpmf since his mouth is full. I can’t even imagine how bad this has to be. I swear each time it’s worse and worse for him. When I think I’ve hit the top I think of even more ways that would give the average person nightmares.. Being strapped helpless by a beautiful girl, mouth used as a urinal, then she squats, pushing a full sized sht right in your mouth and manually crams as much as she can into your cheeks before she seals it inside with duct tape and I mean you can’t even swallow it if you wanted to since your mouth is THAT full. All you can do is taste/swallow from it dissolving overtime. But she isn’t done yet.. She sits her filthy asshole directly on your nose and pumps it full of hot farts with her sht still filling your cheeks.. Laughing at you. Not to mention the cameras kept overheating and to not waste anything, On multiple occasions I left the room with him crying for release to watch TV while they cooled, he suffered like this for hours.. Can you be any lower than that?! … The answer is yes.. After dumping an army of my stinky hot girl-farts that even expand his nose as they brutally push their way inside.. I remove the tape and find his mouth still full. Swallow it .. This motherfucker actually just told me no .. Really? So I ask again. And he declines.. I don’t think I’ll ever get it through his head how sick and twisted I can be.. That’s okay I guess, I was recently talking to one of my friends about how I shit so far down his nose one time when I was trying to fart that it came out in his throat and he had to swallow it, which gives me an idea… Open your mouth …. I scooped everything back out and put it on the plate with the rest I’ve been saving. He must think I’m showing him mercy.. No. This is the opposite, he’s going to wish he would have listened to me. I sit right on his chest with his head Inbetween my legs.. Well since you won’t swallow it I guess it’s going up your nose! –what!! No!! .. Haha too late bitchboy. I grab from the plate piece by piece and start pushing it relentlessly down both sides of his nose, pinching it from the bottom up to clear room for more.. I stop for nothing, I don’t care if it hurts… Ooh I heard him swallow!! It’s working, and that excites me, I start shoving it in even faster whole his eyes start to water and he moans. Please stop I bet you’ll swallow it next time huh? Yes I’m sorry! Please just stop. I’ll do anything!… He gets the answer to his plea for mercy by me grabbing another piece and pushing it in with the rest.. Toilets get no mercy. He’ll be smelling this punishment for weeks.