Lot of double shit to eat

The slave lies at the ground. It’s time for some feeding now!
He has to open his mouth while I position my ass right above him.
I feel some pain in my stomach and so I know that it will be a
very long and hard one… Perfectly for my submissive slave!
It shit two turds right into his mouth! It’s getting more than
he can take – but I will take care of this… *g*

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Ever saw so much shit at one body!?

Wow – this girl is extreme! She has covered her body with so much shit that you can barely find a clean space at her skin! But she won’t stop now – and shits even more! Where could she put the new shit next…? INSIDE her is still some free space! She takes a huge piece of her shit, puts it in her mouth and licks it. That looks soo dirty! But what’s the next step to do…? She knows that you don’t like scat – so she wants YOU to CLEAN her BODY with your TONGUE only…! Do you believe you can do the job without starting to vomit…?

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