Ladys live from disco toilet with shit humiliation

Your perverse dreams come true! This is not a illusion anymore, that is real! 2 hot girls who know exactly how to enslave submissive men. Take you to the disco. You are the slave and amusement object. You’ll be there when the girls piss on the toilet and laugh at you. You have to clean the shoes and the floor on the toilets. While the girls dance and have fun in the disco, you are locked up in the toilet and wait for someone to shit. The next morning the time has come. You could hear the whole night how the girls have fun with other guys. Now your job starts. Keep mouth open until all shit in your mouth. Taste the drinks of the last night? But that’s not all. He must listen to extreme humiliations. Smell on feet. Shoes lick. They spit in his face. Kick his head or stand with his entire weight on his head. As if he were not a human being but an object. A shitty toilet!