Best scat from all Mistresses – ALL IN ONE

First EPIC movie with almost all our BEST ROMANIAN Goddesses ! You can see inside best scenes from our best Dommes and/or their friends : Mistress Ezada, Mistress Roberta, Silicone Goddess Antoanella, Mistress Andreea, Mistress Margo, Mistress GlamyAnya, etc….From their best scat feedings, we selected best scenes, and all of them at only 40 euro for 1 hour of pure Romanian humiliation and scat feeding ! This is their first compilation, in 4 years, with all of them.

Best scat from all Mistresses - ALL IN ONE

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Mistress Roberta – Scat bitch breakfast

In this morning i am in the mood to humiliate my toilet bitch and start to shit in his mouth filling his mouth with dhiareea and shit on his body too to make him all full in shit taking my gloves on i shit some more and start to fill his body with shit starting with the cock and balls, chest legs , i even spit on him and make his face full with shit

Mistress Roberta - Scat bitch breakfast

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