CUSTOM REQUEST Heres my slave chained under my toilet chair waiting for me to poop.I left you a day without eating so now youll be hungry, Ill take care of giving you the proper nourishment you deserve, in a little while youll be eating so much shit you cant even imagine youll see what Im up to. Dont make that face dont whine dont beg me, I dont give a damn you are a toilet and as such must be filled, also because the only food you will receive from me is my poop, so either eat it or starve.Enough talking its time to shit Im readyAfter pooping you say, mamma mia how much I made directly from the producer to the consumer. I really did a good job on you, Ill take a picture right now, I completely covered your face. It was needed now I feel unloaded, I like to give you my divine shit every day. Shitter I almost always warn you these are my daily doses of shit consider yourself really lucky. See you crapper at the next shit


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