ENGLISH LANGUAGE* Session plus video *I am in Budapest and this slave has expressed the desire to be able to do a session with me plus a video to put on sale in my stores, to increase my magnificence.He is a slave who likes feminization, but today he will only wear womens panties. For the rest I want to evaluate his physique and his devotion…He is very thin, but with a huge scrotum. His cock also has a nice size, but he wont cum today.He is fragile and delicate in his way of being and posing, and also a little scared. The end justifies the means, and I know that if I want to achieve the goal of making him swallow everything, I will have to use the right methods. This is why I will guide him with gentleness and imposition on this path to become my toilet, and he will succeed very well, eating everything. My perfume, the panties impregnated with my nocturnal humours, my nectar, the vision of his Mistress who will help herself with a finger in the ass to get the little turds out, my looks, my spitting, my satisfied smile… All this it will lead him to have my shit in his stomach.


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