Summer22Ep7 – Too much shit Goddess

New SUMMER 2022 Series. Episode 7The summer is here again and my best toilet slave will eat my shit all month!OMG, I cant hold it anymore .. I hold my shit for 3 days its so much … My slave is ready to eat he is hungry it is his day 7 of eating my shit. But this time my shit is huge, 3 portions, first is a hard big fat chunk of shit and when he swallows I push another big turd with a long tail of creamy shit after it. He cant take so much I know.. he swallows everything but I have more… diarrhoea for dessert and he cant take it I know… So I am using my spoon to push all the shit in his throw… and when he swallo all he VOMIT … haha – It is too much Goddess! Please!If you want to replace him and try his diet write me slave!

Summer22Ep7 - Too much shit Goddess

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