Poop Pampering – ArtOfScat

QS was craving some serious TLC for her mug, but your average rubdown just wouldnt cut it. So off she went to see Nazryana for a next-level massage sesh. As soon as QS hit the table, Nazryana got busy slatherin on the oil and preppin that booty. But before you could say massage envy, things took a wild turn – Nazryana dropped trou and let loose right onto QSs pretty little face! It was like a facial gone rogue, ya feel me? But dont worry, they cleaned up their act real quick. With a few deft strokes of the wrist, Nazryana worked that poop into every nook and cranny of QSs kisser, leaving her looking fresh AF. And if that wasnt enough, they busted out the big guns – a double-ended dildo that made QSs eyes pop wide open. One end found its way into Nazryanas nether regions, while the other snaked down QSs gullet. Lets just say there were fireworks when those two connected. The party didnt stop there though – Nazryana whipped out a vibe and let QS have at it. They both came hard and fast, with QS lettin out a ******curdlin scream as she climaxed. By the time it was all said and done, the whole neighborhood knew what was up. Massages dont get much more intense than this!100% real shit as usual, not fake and not mixed with anything (when we use additives we always state it in the description but we never use fake shit on this site)

Poop Pampering - ArtOfScat

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