Today this slave came to see me; because of his work it was a while since we met, so I decided to give him a nice surprise. As soon as he arrived, I told him to undress in the hall and prepare to pay homage to his Mistress. When he entered and prostrated himself at my feet, I immediately pointed to the absorbent mat, telling him to lie down on it, with his mouth open, because I needed to use it as a toilet. For him it was a total surprise, he imagined our meeting completely different, but I didnt even give him time to open his mouth; on the other hand, he knows very well that the Mistress orders are not discussed!! A slave must, first of all, be useful to his mistress and, at that moment, I needed a toilet, so he would be my toilet. Also, the night before, I had had a big dinner, so my belly felt really full. The slave was also lucky: when I squatted over his mouth, I got a little pee with which he was able to cool down his throat before the main meal. I really had a lot of shit; it filled his mouth and face and some pieces fell to the ground. Chew and swallow, slave, I ordered, as I began to shove the pieces of shit into his mouth. I must say that he put a lot of effort into it, even though his mouth was so ful, that it wasnt easy to swallow it all. But he knows that with me there are no exceptions: all my shit must be swallowed, up to the last bit. Gradually all the shit that had accumulated on his face or had fallen to the ground, ended up in his mouth and, from there, in his stomach. The show was truly horrifying, his face was really a face of shit!! He really sucked, he had been reduced to the highest level of degradation, stripped of any form of dignity; he was no longer a human being, but just a toilet!! Eventually he had to show his mouth empty. The smell and taste of my shit will remain in his mouth all day, reminding him of the true meaning of being a slave!!!PS : If you want to book a video request contact me….


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