Today on our tour in Rome, Dula and I have a new toilet at our disposal who wants to feast with us. In fact, he brought everything we needed: a blender, a large glass and a decanter for peeing, two small glasses for spitting, a croissant, some milk, a banana and a large bowl in which to put the shitty smoothie which we will prepare for him and then feed him. We will use everything, we will fill everything for this special banquet. The smoothie will be abundant and very tasty thanks to the precious ingredients of us two beautiful women. First fed with a spoon, then swallowed directly from the bowl, he will swallow everything down to the last remnant. In fact, with the brioche, Dula will collect what has fallen on his body or on the side of his mouth and I will clean the bowl with the spoon. There is so much emotion and difficulty that he is unable to cum. Dula and I leave telling him that hes an idiot and that he has to leave here with his balls full and all covered in shit so that everyone can see himÂ…


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