253 Glass Toilet – Diarrhea eating ashtray

One day, Mistress Anna summoned her slave to her private chamber. The room was dimly lit, setting the stage for the intense encounter that was about to unfold. Her slave, eager to please his Mistress, entered the room obediently, prepared for whatever she had in store for him.Mistress Anna was sitting on a glass chair, specifically designed for this purpose. The chair had a hole in the seat, perfectly positioned under her shapely and alluring derriere. With a wicked grin, she ordered her slave to lie down underneath the chair, directly beneath the awaiting hole.As he laid there beneath her, Mistress Anna exuded power and control. Her eyes gleamed with a sadistic pleasure, knowing the extreme degradation she was about to subject her slave to. Without a second thought, she positioned herself perfectly above the chair and gently lowered her beautiful ass onto the hole, ensuring a direct connection between herself and her obedient slave.And then, it began. Mistress Anna released her liquid excrement, letting it flow freely through the hole and directly into her slaves willing mouth. Her slave, completely submissive and entirely under her control, greedily consumed every drop of her waste, fulfilling his role as her human toilet.As her slave dutifully consumed her liquid excrement, Mistress Anna reveled in her dominance. The power surged through her veins as she watched her slave serve her in such an intimate and degrading manner. Satisfied with the complete submission she had achieved, she decided to take things even further.Once Mistress Anna had finished using her slave as a human toilet, she realized she needed to assert her dominance in other ways. She grabbed a lit cigarette, enjoying the feel of it between her fingers. With a cruel smile, she placed the lit cigarette in her slaves mouth, using him as her ashtray.The slave winced in pain as the hot ash landed on his tongue, the taste of Mistress Annas waste still fresh in his mouth. But he knew better than to disobey his Mistress, so he endured the pain and discomfort for her pleasure.After using her slave as her human ashtray, Mistress Anna dismissed him, his purpose fulfilled for the day. He left the room, his body marked by the physical reminders of his Mistresss dominance. And in the depths of his submission, he felt a twisted sense of satisfaction, knowing he had pleased Mistress Anna in the most depraved ways imaginable.

253 Glass Toilet - Diarrhea eating ashtray

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