Shit Spa – ArtOfScat

Nazryana lay in a bathtub, pushing out considerable amounts of diarrhea in an inverted candle position and letting it flow and drip into her open mouth. She then fucked her ass and vagina with a dirty dildo while excreting more waste and diarrhea into the tub. Afterwards, she filled the bath with water, which blended with the liquid waste and created a shit bath. She rinsed her hair and face in the putrid fluid and began to masturbate. When the level of filth was high enough, she experienced multiple earth-shaking orgasms. Finally, she lit some floating candles and enjoyed the serenity of her own filth.100% real shit as usual, not fake and not mixed with anything (when we use additives we always state it in the description but we never use fake shit on this site)

Shit Spa - ArtOfScat

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