Summer22ep8 – Jalapeno and Shit

New SUMMER 2022 Series. Episode 8 Last video for 2022 and the last video of this Series.Must have video!The summer is here again and my best toilet slave will eat my shit all month!I am with a headache and pain in my belly this morning! I ate spicy food with Jalapeno yesterday and now I have to release this hot SHIT. Slave if I have pain you should have double! You will take my huge log in your mouth! My turd intruded into his mouth, it is a big, fat, yellow snake and I know its spicy… But to be sure I add some Jalapeno directly on the top of my shit while he is eating! Its so hot that he cant keep it down! Its burning his throw and he vomits… I am gonna make him eat again from the floor and will punish this pig! If you want to replace him and try his diet write me slave!

Summer22ep8 - Jalapeno and Shit

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