Friday Night Fart Sniffing – Goddess Madison (HD1080p)

This 20 minutes video contains a lot of DIRTY STINKY FARTS!Madison has been enjoying her cheat day! Its the one day a week where she gets to eat WHAT EVER SHE WANTS! Fridays are always hell for her slave though, because he has to deal with the gas that comes afterwards! The video begins with Madison already seated on her slaves face! He is gagged with a thick sock so her gas can ONLY GO INTO HIS NOSE! She leans to the left and pulls her FAT ASS cheeks apart letting a AIRY LOUD FART LOOSE! The slave chokes and gags as she laughs and sits back down heavily!Madison verbally berates her slave, DEGRADING HIM and making fun of him as she LAUNCHES FARTS into his poor nose! She had a pizza and a smoothie for lunch, and a big bowl of veggies with beans for dinner! All so she could burn the hairs of her slaves nose! She BOUNCES and PUSHES THE SLAVES NOSE DEEP as she lets fart after fart loose! A lot of her farts are quiet but there are TONS of loud stinky ones too! She asks the slave to count her farts and even asks if he can taste them in the back of his throat through his nose!The slave cries and chokes as Madison lets out some more LOUD FARTS destroying his nose with her STINKY GAS! He moans and cries for air but Madison just mocks him and laughs! THE ONLY AIR THIS SLAVE IS GETTING TONIGHT IS GAS!The video ends with a short but abundant pov shit ON YOUR FACE!

Friday Night Fart Sniffing - Goddess Madison (HD1080p)

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