I wear a fishnet suit that leaves My private parts uncovered. Im as beautiful as a bitch. And the slave who is in chains at My feet knows it. He is well aware of the luck he has… Being at My service, being able to feed on My shit and My piss. I make him smell My butt while laughing thinking about the level of humiliation I can take him to. I tell him that now is the time to become My toilet and I sit on a raised floor so that My fruits from My little hole go directly to his mouth. I give them to him a little at a time, so he can taste and swallow them slowly and I can enjoy the show. Thats what I want, thats what I order him to do. Finished shitting, I get My ass dirty and I order him to pick up whats left with his fingers. He sucks them good. Its nice to notice the admiration with which he looks at Me, always seeking My approval and satisfaction. I watch it too, and My attitude shifts from authority, to derision, to severity, to sufficiency, to sensuality, to concentration when I push to get the last turds out, to fun and contentment. This also happens when I fill the goblet with My piss which isnt clear today, and he drinks it all toasting to Me. When I ask him How do you say it?, he replies Thank you.


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