My slave sometimes remembers to surprise me. And today he brought me a fragrant and scented empty croissant for breakfast. Before his arrival I was enjoying the feel of the new leather pants… I enjoy slamming my ass on his face. My dog ​​also likes them… Suddenly, however, my stomach starts to ache a little, I have the urge to shit. I dont like brioche anymore, on the contrary I get the unhealthy idea of ​​making him eat it stuffed with my shit. Removed the pants, removed the panties put on his face, placed the brioche open under my ass, my shit starts to come out. The filling is perfect, neither too little nor too much. I start to go into my toilet, and he chews and swallows. He enjoys it, but precisely because he wants to enjoy this delicacy, he is a bit too slow. I make him lie down and put the rest of the brioche in his mouth. I plug his mouth with my hands and shoes so as to ****** him to hurry and eat everything and at one point breathless he coughs and you see a piece of shit coming out of his nose. Hahahaha how ridiculous, even his genitals are ridiculous and insignificant. Swallow everything, down to the last crumb…


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