Lady Scarlet – The aspirant toilet becomes a super toilet (mobile)

This is not a video, it is a short film about the growth of a toilet. There are many exciting, humiliating and degrading elements. Several scenes that will keep you glued to the screen. This slave introduced himself to me and told me he wants to become my toilet. What an ambition! I do not know if I can trust, I would not want my fruits to be wasted … Sitting on the toilet chair I ask him to try to understand if he is really convinced and he confirms. But to be sure I decide to do a simulation: my feet will be my shit, my spit my piss. I put my foot in his mouth and push. He must feel it in his throat! Then I spit in his mouth and he swallows. I continue like this, with foot gagging that lead him to have retching and with my spitting. He swallows, does not complain, does not shrink. So I decide that from an aspirant he can become my personal toilet. My facesitting excites and inebriates him. He smells my perfume and has my ass and pussy resting on his face. Hes ready. I piss and shit in his mouth. I enjoy playing by creating a little hole in the shit that I spit into and sticking my finger to feel his tongue. Since the cock is always in the shot and he keeps jerking off, I decide to be more daring! I put a bag on his face and tell him that if he doesnt swallow everything he will suffocate. Some shit spreads on his face and the rest he swallows. I make him cum with my hand because it was an exemplary toilet! Look at my dirty gloves, one of shit the other of cum…

Lady Scarlet - The aspirant toilet becomes a super toilet (mobile)

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