Weekend Stuffing – Organic Princess Brooke (HD1080p)

THE G.O.A.T RETURNSThis video begins with a ten minutes ASS TEASE where Brooke shakes and JIGGLES her ass RIGHT IN YOU FACE! She gets so close to the camera you can almost SMELL her ASSHOLE through the screen!The second scene, Brooke needs to shit, BUT HER SLAVE is nowhere to be seen! He is off running errands! But Brooke doesnt waste any shit! She UNLOADS A THICK DARK PILE into a doggy dish and FILLS IT TO THE TOP! Jimmy gets home and she gives him a AGRESSIVE FACESITTING SESSION! His head gets rocked back and forth as she BOUNCES FULL WEIGHT! Brooke unloads farts over Jimmys nose before letting him know, there is a gift coming!The third scene begins with Jimmy TIED UP! He can not move an inch and is BLINDFOLDED! Brooke unwraps her MASSIVE PILE OF SHIT that has been sitting for hours! Jimmy begins to gag right away, Brooke even wears a mask to keep the terrible odor away! This is by far our most BRUTAL VIDEO TO DATE and by viewer request Jimmy eats ALL THE SHIT! Brooke pushes it down his throat, making him eat EVERY LAST DROP! Remember… Just chew… and swallow…

Weekend Stuffing - Organic Princess Brooke (HD1080p)

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