I want to have a good ride but this old and run-down nag doesnt bode well. I tell it that if it doesnt commit itself it wont have its daily meal and to encourage it I put the empty bowl in the center of the room. I get on its back and order it to walk around it. Despite the knee pads for its old knees, after a ride it collapses to the ground. I get nervous and hit it with the whip. We try again but after half a lap it is exhausted again. Now I get mad and tell it hes not worth a shit and it is a shitty pony! And thats why it will just eat my shit today! First I make it kiss my clean boots, then I shit on the floor and step on that soft shit. Now it has to lick the dirty soles this asshole. As it does this, I clean my divine ass and put the dirty paper in the bowl, to soak with my piss. I make it drink it all, and laugh at it for its tiny dick…


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