I am comfortably seated on the sofa in the relaxation room while I smoke a cigarette I keep thinking about the phone call I just received from Mistress friend of mine. Actually I think she is right, my Femdom Castle is equipped with every possible comfort but in a few days I will visit Milan and during my trip a well trained slave as a portable human toilet could be very useful. Indeed, not all public toilets in the city are perfectly clean and I need all the comforts when I have to empty my tummy so I need a ready-to-use travel toilet, one that swallows everything quickly and cleans well to always have a complete service available. After all Milan is such a big metropolis and I want to visit different places in the city. After I ordered this slave to take the position suited to his training, I sit comfortably on his face, this slave is really lucky he would never imagined to be chosen for such training, he can even breathe and get drunk on my intimate scent and this thing sends him into ecstasy. The hardest thing of course is this, to be able to stay still despite the great excitement. Then the best part comes, my shitty ankle boots start coming out of my beautiful ass, one after the other, until they completely fill his mouth. Now is the time to show his commitment, he knows very well that he will often be used in public and therefore I expect maximum efficiency. Meanwhile, I enjoy the sensation of the moment, it is so comfortable and his breaths warm my ass, giving me at times a feeling of pleasant heat. I would say that my friend was absolutely right, a Prêt-à-porter travel toilet is just what I needed ….. Ps: My scat videos are only for true connoisseurs of the natural scat practice. In the video there is no use of substances that facilitate the evacuation or the counterfeiting of the practice with other strange materials !!! Given the authenticity of the video, I do not recommend viewing it for people who are too sensitive or easily impressionableNote: If you have an idea or want to request a personalized video request, write me in my official email: mistressisideofficial@tiscali.com


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