Lady Scarlet – Eat my caca! CLOSE UP INCLUDED

ENGLISH LANGUAGECUSTOM CLIP – IÂ’m interested by getting a crual faceshitting, ass smothering, shitty verbal domination custom video on male slave.Theme is that the guy has cheated you and hes gonna deadly suffer.Full nude for the full video or with a bra. Nude ass is the more important for me. Absolutely terrific, cruel and very shitty. 
See him cruelly, laugh sometimes by seeing his suffer, I want a maximum of suffer and dirty.Reverse facesitting. Facefarting/faceshhitting as crual and disgusting possible, shitting and sitting right after on his face without any mercy. Pulling his hairs, hitting his face while he is suffocating or when he tries to get air.Very crual, very very long ass smothering, crual looking, sometimes laughing by seeing his suffer.
 Lot of verbal domination (eat my caca, you are not going anywhere, etc)… For the word shit I want that you use CACA.Crual ass lick, especially after shitting.Heels and bottom of feet always visible when you are sitting on him.A little bit forward faceshitting where you are also crual.

Lady Scarlet - Eat my caca! CLOSE UP INCLUDED

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