Pizza Binge And Smother – Part 4 – Organic Princess Brooke (HD1080p)

(This video contains ALOT OF STINKY FARTS)Princess Brooke does not eat bread often, but when she does, she ALWAYS SITS ON HER SLAVES FACE! Today she eats a ENTIRE PIZZA to herself and a SPICY ARRABBIATA PASTA, and what do you know… it makes her a little bit gassy! And all that gas… goes right into her SLAVES NOSE!Brooke sits with her FULL WEIGHT while stuffing her face with Italian food, she teases her slave asking him if he wants to taste the food later, after it has been digested of course! Before he can answer she BLASTS HIS NOSE covering him in ITALIAN GAS!By the end of this video, her slave is BEGGING for the session to end! She even lets a fart loose RIGHT ABOVE HIS EYES! Pink eye is no problem for a slave though… right?The video ends with a DUAL SHOT of Brooke UNLOADING onto Jimmy! All the Pizza, Pasta, Cupcakes, and other treats! Its an ITALIAN FEAST! Jimmy has a bit of trouble eating so Brooke uses her pink tongs to push some down.

Pizza Binge And Smother - Part 4 - Organic Princess Brooke (HD1080p)

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