I spent the morning shooting videos with a Mistress friend of mine and my slaves and, this time, I must say that my slaves behaved really well; they worked hard, promptly carried out orders and satisfied all my wishes, including the most extreme ones. My Mistress friend too appreciated their skills and I think she is also a little jealous of my slaves. At this point, I really think they deserve an award! As it was now past noon, I decided to serve them an appetizer based on succulent shit bites, packed fresh by me and washed down with my delicious golden champagne: a real delicacy that, Im sure, has already made my slavesÂ’ mouth water! I prepare the appetizer in a bowl; being an appetizer, it does not have to be abundant but, rather, a tasting; I focus more on quality rather than on quantity. I begin to prepare the dish and, at the same time, I delight my slaves with the sweet melody of my farts. The shit bites I do just fine, they are perfect balls of various sizes and, therefore, I decide to serve them myself. I dont want to hurt either of the two slaves and distribute the shit bites equally in their gaping mouths. Both swallow quickly, one of them even devours instantly. Now is the time to taste the champagne, which I also divide equally between the two. The slaves have had their reward but they must not forget their duties: now they have to clean up the drops that have fallen on the floor with their tongue!!!Ps: My scat videos are only for true connoisseurs of the natural scat practice. In the video there is no use of substances that facilitate the evacuation or the counterfeiting of the practice with other strange materials !!! Given the authenticity of the video, I do not recommend viewing it for people who are too sensitive or easily impressionableNote: If you have an idea or want to request a personalized video request, write me in my official email: mistressisideofficial@tiscali.com


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