First time on camera – Goddess Claudette and Andreea

Today Goddess Andreea must make a new custom request from a fan !! He wanted another Goddess, a friend of Goddess Andreea, who will use his mouth together with Andreea and they will humiliating him and make him their toilet. The Goddesses explain that we will have a party soon with many other |Romanian Goddesses and all of them will use him for full toilet slavery. They will tie him up, wrapped up, immobilised and ready for his fate : TO BE ONLY A RECEPTACLE FOR ALL GODDESSES FROM PARTY ! After Goddess Andreea pissing in a plate, she was shitting on it, a huge kaviar, in close up, and then she call her personal toilet and cameraman to finish the dream of her member : to ingest all her shit, no matter what quantity !! Epic movie with a new kinky Goddess. She will do more movies in the future, so check her also with Goddess Andreea.

First time on camera - Goddess Claudette and Andreea

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