ITALIAN SPEAKINGFor a Mistress, even going to the bathroom must be a fun time. For this reason, I summon a slave of mine and make him lie down like a doormat at the foot of my toilet chair. Since hes a great boot fetishist, I wont let him lick them now that they are clean, but with something tasty stuck on them. I really want to see what hes willing to do to lick my boots! I crouch over him and shit on his belly, then have fun spreading my shit on his fat body. Now that my boots are particularly tasty, hell be allowed to lick them. Its not quite what he expected, but if he really loves them so much, he must be ready to lick them in whatever condition they re, even with dirty shit. That loser immediately starts coughing and spitting; since I dont want to witness this horrible spectacle, I order him to take off my boots and I leave him alone to lick the shit off my boots. When I return I will want to find them cleaner than they were before!You may also like this clip: CAN YOU EAT ALL MY SHIT?You find it here: https://www.yezzclips.com/store_view.php?id=572&item=129003FOR COMMENT, SUGGESTIONS, CUSTOM REQUESTS, write me at mistressgaia@live.it


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