ENGLISH SPEAKINGI have a new slave with me today and I want to test what he can do. I begin to make him lick the dirty soles of my shoes and I must say that he does a good job with his tongue. Then, I make him take off my shoes so he can smell my sweaty socks; I also take the opportunity to do some foot-gagging. As he takes off my pantyhose, I notice his gaze at my pussy. I tell him that there is only one way to be allowed to look at my pussy: to get pissed in his mouth. However, if he cant drink all my pee, hell have to get my shit too in his mouth. I make him lie on the floor and I tie his balls with an elastic thread, so that I can squeeze them at will. Then, I squat on his face and start pissing in his mouth. He makes an effort to drink everything but it is definitely too much and some falls to the floor. Its bad news for him, because now hell have to receive my shit too in his mouth. Being the first time, he is clearly in trouble so, after a while, I allow him to let it fall out. At least as a toilet, this slave bodes well !!!


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