Before filling his mouth, my toilet must lose any form of residual humanity !!! He must understand that now its just an object devoid of any form of will and after I completely mummified him and placed in a corner of my beautiful Dungeon now its time to be used. I light one of my favorite cigarettes and one puff after another I feel that my natural urge is getting stronger, its definitely time, I can no longer hold it back. I pull my panties down far enough and sit comfortably on my toilet mouth ready to dump all the contents of my beautiful tummy. Better not to risk it !! I certainly dont want to dirty my beautiful parquet, so I order the toilet to start chewing everything. This is the time to eat and swallow and actually now it feeds only on this and on everything that my beautiful friends and I unload in his mouth . Poop, pee, pieces of toilet paper, ashes and cigarette butts and even some Tampax …. This is his diet !!! ….. but basically this is what a toilet is used for…..


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