ITALIAN SPEAKINGToday I want to use my slave as a toilet, but not in the traditional way. I know, its easy to lie on the ground, with your mouth open and passively wait for me to fill it with my shit. Today, however, I want the slave to get her hands dirty with my shit, literally!!! I start by pissing in a jug, so that the slave can make a toast with my delicious morning pee. Then I order her to hold out her hands andÂ… I fill them with my shit. How disgusting is seeing her, with her hands full; but now comes the fun. I order her to start eating it, directly from her hands. She buries her face in the shit and starts taking it in her mouth; it is a lot and itÂ’s difficult to eat it all. She passes the shit from hand to hand; she is definitely in trouble and cannot even carry out my orders. The scene is truly disgusting, even revolting; the slaves hands, arms and face are all dirty, the smell is very strong! I make her drink another glass of my piss and, finally, I make her sink her face in the shit. I leave her thare!!!


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