ITALIAN SPEAKINGToday is an important day for my toilet slave, because she will have the honor of being trained by two Mistress. We allow her to worship our perfect asses, but as soon as the slave starts licking my friends ass I block her immediately. She absolutely cant lick a clean ass, but only after she has emptied her bowels and only after she ate it all. My friend starts and in a moment fills the slaves mouth, who begins to cough. She made so much that there is no even space for my poop, but that wont stop me from filling it further with mine! As expected a lot of shit comes out of my ass too, surprisingly it is the same color as my friends! The human toilet has so much shit in her mouth that she struggles to chew. In the meantime my friend and I have fun recognizing in the shit the residues of the food we ate the day before, and to fill with spit and to torture the slaveÂ’s pussy. Since she takes a long time to eat, we order her to take the shit with her hands and put it in her mouth. Disgusted by the show, we leave while she remains alone to finish eating.You may also like this clip: SLAVES FOODYou find it here: https://www.yezzclips.com/store_view.php?id=572&item=134343FOR COMMENT, SUGGESTIONS, CUSTOM REQUESTS, write me at mistressgaia@live.it


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