Lady Scarlet – Mummy wc

I mummified the slave so that he is completely helpless and submissive to my will. Film that wraps all over his body and bandages on his face except on the mouth. The mouth and the eyes are the only parts that interest me. He must see and must eat and drink. I provoke him with an old pink silk underwear and elegant heels. Its hard to believe that such a beautiful woman is about to do some rubbish. Yet, once the panties are off, I shit in his mouth. It is semi-liquid. He begins to enjoy it but also to have retching. I order him to swallow. The sight of my dirty ass helps him and that toilet mummy eats everything. Then I give him my nectar so that he can swallow even the last residue. Satisfied and lighter, I sit on the sofa telling him that even today he has done his duty as toilet.Similar: PACKAGED LOAF OF SHIT🔗

Lady Scarlet - Mummy wc

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