ENGLISH SPEAKINGCUSTOM REQUEST – Length of the video – 10 minutes or so- Should the video with a male slave? a female slave? or without a slave? – male slave- Should other dominant women participate? – not really. But it would be OK if they want to watch and cheer you on.- Should the video be just for you and shall I use your name in the video? – Whatever is cheaper for me is fine. My fantasy custom video:- I keep this simple- first half of video is same as Mistress Gaia – Bro Beating- you keep beating him until he cries for your mercy – You tell him only way you stop is if he agrees to be wrapped up in plastic and beg for your shit.- please walk up to him while he lays on floor, begging you. If he doesnt beg, continue to stomp on him.- when he does beg, please squat with your bare feet on his chest and release your shit- please make consumption ******. He tries to plead for no consumption and you turn him over so he lies on his stomach. You sit on his back and insert a metal gag so his mouth is ****** open. – pull his face/head back and forth over your delicious brown, use your gloves to fill his mouth.- When his mouth is full enough for you to be happy, roll him over on his back and remove gag.- Stand over him with foot on his chest and command him to eat what you stuffed in his mouth.


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