ENGLISH SPEAKINGThis slave was late to arrive at my studio. He kept me waiting, I was going to punish him for his disrespect. However, I have another way to make him pay. He is going to enjoy a Mistress Gaia style snack. I allow him to lick and worship my shoes, then I order him to lay down on his back. He must keep his mouth open, while I share my saliva with him by spitting in his mouth. What a slut!! Then its time to give him some of my delicious pee. With his mouth open, I straddle over his face and give him a drink of my delicious amber nectar. There is over spill on the floor, and I order my bitch to hoover it up, using only his mouth. Then I tell him to get back on his back to receive his horderve. With his mouth open nice and wide, I empty my beautiful shit into it. He almost chokes as it covers his face. I tell him to finish eating all of it, and he hast to clean the floor with his tongue. As I might not allow him back, I do hope my bitch enjoyed his last meal…


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