ENGLISH SPEAKINGCUSTOM REQUEST – Using a commode chair and wearing Blue leggins. With a pair of white full butt panties underneath. The scene starts off with the camera facing straight upwards. The camera is in the position of a slave that has been tied up and placed on the floor. You walk in and tell the slave that you have been holding in a huge meal for him. He hasnt been fed for days and you have felt his meal inside of you for days. Its caused you to have the worst smelling farts. You show off your ass in the pants a bit. You tell him youre going to get something to make yourself comfortable, because it feels like its going to be a long shit. You walk off the camera and then bring in the commode, and place the commode over the tied up slave. You then sit down while still wearing the pants. You say the words Im going to use you as my toilet today, and Im going to enjoy it, and then release one good fart on the slave. I hope you dont mind but I have gas. You talk about what youve been eating, just mention random foods you have had over the few days, but then add in a random name of a slave, then you pause… oh I forgot to tell you, slaves that dont eat all of my shit… eventually become my shit., and then you release another fart. You pull down the leggings exposing your panty clad ass and continue to taunt the slave in the box, before eventually pulling down the panties and taking your time dumping your shit on him. Also, finally, I was wondering if you could wear the medical mask, as opposed to your standard mask on your eyes. I really enjoyed seeing your unobstructed eyes…


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