ENGLISH SPOKENThis slave came from abroad to serve me as a full toilet. ItÂ’s the first time he is used as a WC slave, therefore, IÂ’m going to start with my pee, which is certainly easier to ingest than shit. I have positioned him on the floor, face up. Since IÂ’m not sure he will be able to drink all my pee and I donÂ’t want ti make a mess in my dungeon, I take a bowl. I plan to piss in the bowl and then make him drink from there. But he tells me he can drink directly from the source and I decide to trust him; I squat over his open mouth and let go a first small quantity of pee. He swallows without any problem. I increase the quantity and he immediately swallows everything. I start peeing at full speed, without interruptions, and I am amazed to see how he can swallow everything, keeping his mouth wide open!!! Very few experienced slaves can do that; this guy is a great pee drinker!!!! LetÂ’s now see how he is going to deal with my shit. I release a first small peace and order him to swallow; he complies immediately; a second piece follows and gets immediately swallowed. This slave is really amazing considering itÂ’s his first time. He even tells me that he just wanted to receive my shit on his face but, since I had ordered him to swallow, he felt he was his duty to comply. Good slave!!! He deserves a prize: Im going to allow him to clean my ass with his tongue!!!


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