Today I have two slaves at my feet, and Im going to teach them some bedside manners. They are going to learn to worship me, and must show me they can observe my instructions be obedient. I begin with them on their knees, they have to lick and kiss my beautiful shoes. Then I prepare them for their lesson in enjoing my delicious horderves. I remove my shoe and panties, and get one of my bitches to lie under my beautiful ass with his mouth open to receive my shit. The other slave can only look on as he enjoys the scent of my panties. After releiving my delicious shit into my slaves mouth, I tell him to make sure he chews and swallows all of it. I then get my other bitch to lick my ass nice an clean before I sit back down on the bed. With them both having been treated to my delicious shit, I then tell them they now have the luxury to wash it down. I get a jug and fill it with my pee and give it to them. As they share it, I tell them how fortunate they are to be allowed to enjoy my delicious amber nectar. Its been a good training session, and my bitches have been successfuly trained in some bedside manners…


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