Today I have a slave thats going to have to use his mouth a lot. I have him trapped under my cock table and he cant escape. I have given him permission to play with his cock. However he must not cum unless I allow it. I sit over him and get him to lick my shoes. His tongue working to clean my shoes. If I consider he has done a good job, Ill reward him with a enjoyable scat meal. He can eat all my shit, and perhaps wash it down with my pee. As I inspect my shoes, he seems to have done a reasonable job. I then sit over him and allow him to gaze at my beautiful ass. He opens his mouth and gets ready to receive his reward. I releive myself with a delightful portion of my shit right into his mouth. What a lucky filthy slut he is, I tell him not to waste any and make sure he swallows all of it. Then its time for his drink, as i sit in position with him staring at my pussy. I tell him to finish chewing my shit, and open his mouth. He needs to be careful and not waste any of my amber nectar, as I squirt my pee into his gaping mouth. As I finish up, I leave him with some of my shit that he had dropped from his mouth earleir. I place it on his mouth and face and tell him how lucky he is to be dining on the horderves delights of Mistress Gaia…


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