Mistress Gaia’s double treat

I have my slave waiting for me on the floor. He’s in heat and wants to play with himself. I ordered him to wait until I arrived. It’s nearly lunch time. So i’m going to give my slut a double treat. I said he could masturbate while I give him a good helping of scat. He is not allowed to cum until I give him permission. As I sit on top of my slut I get him to open his mouth nice and wide to receive his delightful treat. What a good helping I give him, he almost chokes as my shit fills his mouth and covers his face. I then tell him he must continue to play with his cock, while I relax and use him as my footstool. I watch as he chews and swallows all my scat. Only when it is finished will he be allowed to cum. Such a lucky slave, getting a rare double treat from Mistress Gaia…

Lot of double shit to eat

The slave lies at the ground. It’s time for some feeding now!
He has to open his mouth while I position my ass right above him.
I feel some pain in my stomach and so I know that it will be a
very long and hard one… Perfectly for my submissive slave!
It shit two turds right into his mouth! It’s getting more than
he can take – but I will take care of this… *g*

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Mandy Flores – Scat Slavery

Schoolgirl’s newest ass bitch – Mr. Bailey
FEATURING: slaveray I have my teacher now ass humiliated and he?s about to get his first experience as my toilet bitch. In the bathroom I have set up a toilet where he will lay down under the bowl. This is his life now, serving me as my toilet. The view is amazing and so will be the treats I serve him. He will have to swallow and gobble down everything that is delivered. Just imagine all the water I will be saving now that I don?t have to flush the toilet every time a take a pee. slave swallowed every gushing mouth full! Im not finished yet slave, open your mouth wide. Do you see it? See it coming? Open your mouth and taste your new life as my toilet slave….omg, you are a pathetic freak. You swallowed every last disgusting morsel! Now wipe your face clean and lick my asshole clean bitch. INCLUDES: TOILET SLAVERY, TOILET FETISH, TOILET HUMILIATION, ASS LICKING, ASS WORSHIP, ASS HUMILIATION

Ever saw so much shit at one body!?

Wow – this girl is extreme! She has covered her body with so much shit that you can barely find a clean space at her skin! But she won’t stop now – and shits even more! Where could she put the new shit next…? INSIDE her is still some free space! She takes a huge piece of her shit, puts it in her mouth and licks it. That looks soo dirty! But what’s the next step to do…? She knows that you don’t like scat – so she wants YOU to CLEAN her BODY with your TONGUE only…! Do you believe you can do the job without starting to vomit…?

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Dramatic Turn during filming, please let me go

Dramatic Turn during filming, please let me go
This is one of our best Movies and it did turn dramatic. The Slave from Europe cried and screamed, please no more, I can’t take it, to much, to much please… But the Girls showed no Mercy, you swallow this from all 6 of us. The recently invented Metal Plate by our Engineers, that keeps you from closing your Mouth, Headlock in a Steel Form, that made the perfect Setup, just keep shitting into him

Wake up my little toiletslave

Daddy wake up! Your under my toilet seat looking up at me and notice my panties and butt under my tennis dress, you are such a perv daddy, I am going to teach you a lesson. You are always spying on naive young girls because they do not know any better, they think your little needle dick is the standard size but I know better mom told be all about your nasty ways, are you even my father how could you even produce sperm with those little testicles? I spit into your face, my ass in your face makes your little penis grow look at it barely the size of my pinky finger! You know mom always feeds you shit for dinner we make special food for you every night spaghetti with shit balls and our special brownies you just cant get enough of, I really want to make you pay for being such a perv I will fill your mouth with my shit daddy and you will enjoy it

Eat her scat

Eat her scat
This is the same clip like Vomit Cats 04, but from a different camera angle. We have a new scat slave wow! First both of us piss in his mouth, then Kimi Cat shits a very very big pice of yummy creamy shit in his pathetic mouth! We spit at him and push all the scat deep inside his mouth!


The biggest shit you’ve ever seen in your life! You’ll see it coming out of my ass, warm and fragrant, and it’s so much that I could cover your whole body of depraved. While I am here, do you know what I want to do? I piss over the shit: you will not believe your eyes! Feel lucky to be my private toilet! The vision of this masterpiece of piss and shit together is reserved for true connoisseurs, like you.

Gyno Exam Gone Wrong

Gyno Exam Gone Wrong
So I am at the doctors office waiting to go in, It seems like it is taking forever and I should have went to the restroom before I left on no they are calling in in I can feel my tummy ready to explode. I go in and sit in the chair he hands me the speculum and I am suppose to insert it so I am more comfortable. I insert it and he goes underneath me to check me out and I tell him he might want to move I have to go to the bathroom he doesn’t and gets covered with my poop pee and stinky farts .