Diarrhea and Two more stinky shits on the slave´s mouth

Once again the night before the slave has paid a tasty dinner for the girls. They spent the slave´s money in one of the most expensive, famous and exotic restaurants of the city, eating delicious dishes and asking desserts. After they went to the disco. The three girls laughed and danced at the club, drinking vodka till late. Today in the morning they need the slave´s mouth to shit all they had dinner last night. The first girl has diarrhea and soon she is covering the slave´s mouth and nose with a lot of liquid shit, he were unable to breath once used and needed to remove part of the shit of his mouth using his hand because otherwise he would have drowned. Just after the slave´s mouth was also used for the other two girls, depositing on his mouth two particularly stinky shits. Being a toilet slave in the morning is hard when the girls have spent a night like yesterday.

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